Classical-X: A special event for your clients past, present & future

Who is the Classical-X service designed for?

Classical-X is designed to help high-value services businesses attract potential and existing clients to attend an exclusive event at your offices where you can showpiece your firm’s capabilities and clients can engage with you on a much more personal level.

Why should you choose Classical-X?

Many high-value services firms would like the ability to engage on a personal basis with the senior leadership of clients they serve but find that the funds they invest in branding, PR, advertising and corporate entertainment yield very few meaningful conversation opportunities. Clients are overwhelmed by invitations to corporate entertainment events that have limited attractiveness.

We aim to provide you with an opportunity to attract current or past clients to meet you, or indeed attract potential or target clients to meet with you, and to learn more on a ‘one to one’ basis about how you help clients succeed and enjoy themselves at the same time!

How does Classical-X work?

During the evening we run three 20 minutes ‘sets’ of classical music by composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin (you can listen to examples here).

The evening is ‘top and tailed’ by you introducing the event and welcoming your guest and highlighting some of the issues you can help clients with.

Typical event format:

18.30 – Arrival

19.00 – Welcome speech from you

19:15 – 1st 20 minute ‘set’

20:15 – 2nd 20 minute ‘set’

21:15 – 3rd 20 minute ‘set’

22:00 – Carriages

Intended results of Classical-X

The intention of Classical-X is to help you attract 20-50 existing or potential clients to your offices where they can enjoy the experience of listening to some of Europe’s brightest upcoming classical musicians play uplifting music in tune with the brand and values of your firm.